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Crabgrass Preventer plus Green-Up Lawn Fertilizer 22-0-3

Contains the newest technology with Dimension® Crabgrass Control Herbicide. Can be applied up to 4 weeks later than other crabgrass preventers. Controls crabgrass both BEFORE and AFTER it germinates. Controls crabgrass all season long.  Also controls bittercress, spurge, chickweed, henbit and many other grassy and broadleaf weeds.  Provides 25% slow-release nitrogen and is a clear, non-staining formula.  Provides the nutrients needed for a beautiful, green, thick lawn. Does not contain phosphorus.  Please note you cannot seed for 4 months after applying.


Love Your Lawn – Love Your Soil®

All natural and organic, Love Your Lawn – Love Your Soil stimulates soil microbes and creates a biologically healthy soil.  This soil food helps to loosen heavy, hard packed soils, and releases trapped nutrients. You can grow better turf by creating better soil!

Use on existing lawns, when seeding to enhance grass root mass development, and on cool and warm season grasses.  Your lawn soil will become more alive and porous allowing water, air and grass roots to enter the soil more easily. Love Your Lawn – Love Your Soil also increases the grasses’ resistance to drought and heat stress, and helps to kick-start your lawn in the spring.
Environmentally friendly and safe to use around people and pets. It is a homogeneous formula that applies easily with any spreader.Contains humic and fulvic acids, calcium, sulfur, iron and molasses.


MAG-I-CAL® Calcium Fertilizer

MAG-I-CAL® is a highly soluble form of calcium that helps to rapidly raise your soil’s pH, improving the health of your lawn by releasing trapped nutrients in the soil that feed the grass plants.

Low soil pH causes weeds, moss, and bare spots to grow, while soil pH ranging between 6.0 – 6.8 will re-energize your lawn, increasing microbial activity, boosting your lawn’s color, reducing stress, improving soil texture and aiding in water uptake. Using MAG-I-CAL® will also significantly improve your fertilizer’s effectiveness for a thicker, greener lawn with improved weed control.

MAG-I-CAL® comes in an easy to spread pellet form, can be applied anytime during the growing season, and is safe throughout the yard. MAG-I-CAL® is also concentrated, meaning one bag of MAG-I-CAL® equals up to ten bags of limestone, saving you time, money, and your back!

MAG-I-CAL® is the missing ingredient in your lawn care program that makes everything else work better!  Learn more: the importance of pH!


Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer 10-0-20

Fall and winter feeding formula keeps your lawn greener later into the year. Provides a well balanced formula, ideal for winter turf protection. Iron, sulfur and 30% slow release nitrogen help to keep the lawn a deep-green color. A true fall/winter formula that promotes root growth and stores nutrients for the spring.  Contains humates for root development.  Ideal to use with a fall seeding.

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