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About Our Sod
Henderson Turf is the only authorized Jonathan Green Sod producer in our region. With the help of the experts at Jonathan Green, we created a customized, premium Black Beauty Henderson Turf exclusive mix, which has proven to adapt very well to this area. It is genetically blended to be a Tall Turf-Type Fescue that exceeds the strength, quality, and appearance of other Fescues.

 What Makes Our Sod the Best?

  • Incredible Drought Tolerance
  • Blades will not shed or tear when mowed
  • Strong enough to hold up in high traffic areas
  • Naturally improved disease and insect resistant
  • Genetically darker in color
  • Holds up exceptionally in soil with low ph., high sand content, or poor soil conditions
  • Ideal for residential, commercial, and athletic installments

Just 2 Easy Steps!

  1. Calculate how much sod you need *Use our Sod Calculator below
  2. Call to order your sod today! 937-748-1559

How to calculate the total area requiring sod:

  1. Divide your yard into sections. (Front, Back, Side, etc.)
  2. Measure the width and length of each area.
  3. Submit your measurement into our Sod Calculator to determine total square footage.
  4. Remember to subtract area taken up by pools and patios.





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